Cognac Vineyards

    World-famous, Cognac is a brandy made made from white grape varieties carrying the AOC quality label.

    The largest white-grape vineyard in Europe.

    It represent 10% of the total French vineyard area.

    In the middle of 19th century,  Henri Coquand, a geology professor, studied the Cognac region’s soil and terroir. Then, with an oenologist, they defined both a soil classification based on the quality of eau-de-vie that each soil could produce.
    This led to the definition of various Cognac producing areas in around 1860 and served as the basis for the decree of 13 January 1938, setting the boundaries of these areas.

    Cognac terroir

    The cognac vineyards covers almost all of the Charente and the Charente-Maritime districts and combines the influences of the continent and the nearby sea.

    The vines benefit from a clay-limestone soil and a mild, oceanic climate.

    The demarcated region is divided into six vineyards.

    Grande Champagne

     34 700 hectares / 13 250 ha

    Rather hilly, a chalk soil
    These wines produce fine, light eaux-de-vie with a predominantly floral bouquet, and  aromas of great finesse,requiring long ageing in casks to achieve full maturity.

    Petite Champagne

    65 600 hectares / 15 250 ha

    Chalky but soil more compact than the Grande Champagne.
    The eaux-de-vie are light with a predominant floral bouquet, and require long ageing in casks to reach their full maturity.


    12 500 hectares / 4 000 ha

    On a plateau, with a soil of clay and flint stones.
    Produce fine, round eaux-de-vie , smooth and scented with an aroma of violets.

    Fins Bois

    350 000 hectares / 31 200 ha

    Mixed soil: red, clay, and limestone
    The largest cru, produces round, smooth cognacs, ageing fairly quickly, with a bouquet that reminds the scent of freshly pressed grapes.

    Bons Bois

    370 000 hectares / 9 300 ha

    Very mixed soils, clay, limestone, sands.
    The Bons Bois produce eaux-de-vie that age quickly.

    Bois Ordinaires

    260 000 hectares / 1066 ha

    Almost exclusively sandy soils, including islands Ile de Ré and Ile d’Oléron
    The vines produce fast-ageing cognac eaux-de-vie with a characteristic maritime flavour.

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