VK Trading Vietnam Petit Marand PAPIN

    Le Petit Marand is a family estate which promotes a legacy of a skillful mixture of passion, reason and love of our soil vines and wines developed from our experience and encounters. Day after day the domain tries to maintain and enrich so that we be able to pass on the heritage one day.

    The winery is located in in the Cognac region producing high quality wines on the border of the Gironde estuary, with across this magnificent and large river the most iconic vineyards of the Médoc.

    Our protected row of vines grow over soils of limestone and clay. This warm and draining terroir ensures proper regulation of water for the vines without excess wet year or dry year water stress. 

    VK Trading is the exclusif importer distributer for Le Petit Marand, a range of the the Domaine Papin.

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