PGI Charentais

    While most of you might have heard about Cognac as the world-famous brandy type, but lot don’t know about its wine production zone.
    It is located in south-west France where land and ocean come together to provide the vine with an ideal climate.

    In total, Cognac has more than 78 000 hectares of land as vineyards elaborate by over 6 000 growers.

    Since Gallo-Roman times, those winemakers have respected the same traditions and know-how for the development of two high-quality products, the Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

    Although Cognac is producing around 6 000 000 hectolitres of wine every year, a vast majority is used for distillation into Cognac brandy.

    The remaining wines are being sold as table wines under any of the following appellations:

    • IGP Charentais
    • Vin de France

    More than 1,500 hectares of vineyards extend over the limestone slopes of the Cognac AOC area.
    Also traditional vineyards produce good red, white and rose wines under Vins Charentais.

    The union of the PGI Charentais producers brings together over a hundred producers, most of them wine, but also spirits producers.

    Vk Trading brings you wines of Charentes which is part of the vineyard of Haut-Poitou which corresponds essentially to the Cognac appellation.

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