PIneau des Charentes – PDO

    Pineau des Charentes is a mistelle (fortified wine or liqueur wine).
    It is an assemby of must, obtained by pressing the grapes, and Cognac, which must be refined in French oak barrels. For about 75% of grape juice and 25% of Cognac.

    The taste of Pineau is sweeter than wine, with a pleasant and full mouthfeel. The acidity and alcohol prevent it from being too syrupy. Pineau that has spent more time aging in barrels tends to be more complex in flavor.

    Pineau des Charentes has the French label « AOC » since 1945 and the European label PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

    Pineau des Charentes PDO

    Main characteristic of the appellation, the concept of geography.

    The grape must and the Cognac come from the same vineyard, the same terroir.
    This means that the Pineau des Charentes has the same terroir as Cognac

    Except that here, there is no longer any notion of ‘cru’ (vineyards) …
    Learn more about the cognac production area.

    The legend about the creation of Pineau des Charentes directs us above all to the fruit of chance.
    In 1589, a winegrower inadvertently poured grape must into a barrel containing Cognac brandy. Furious at his clumsiness, he put the barrel away in a corner of the cellar.

    A few years later, when the harvest was plentiful and he needed all his barrels to house the precious juice, he went to collect the barrel set aside. On the verge of throwing out its contents, what was his amazement to discover a wonderful liquid, limpid and golden, fruity and heady, sunny like the country of Charentes.
    Pineau des Charentes is born!

    The Ageing

    Pineau, like cognac, must age in oak barrels.
    It is at the end of aging that the mixed must and cognac and after one year of aging the beverage is able to get the appellation Pineau des Charentes.

    It is during this phase that the fortified wine acquires its finesse and completes its aromatic palette. The virtues of patience bear fruit when Pineau achieves a harmony of taste combining power and aromatic complexity, roundness and freshness on the palate.

    After aging, the analysis should reveal an alcohol content of between 16 ° and 22 °, and a sugar content of 125g of grapes per liter minimum.

    There are two sub-appellations of superior quality: « Vieux Pineau » aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years and « Très vieux Pineau » aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years.

    VK Trading is the main importer for Pineau des Charentes in Vietnam.

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