Chateau les Hérits – Prestige

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VK TRADING see the wineA deep red dress with garnet reflects.
VK Trading Smell the wineThe nose is expressive with black candied fruits.
VK Trading Taste the wineThe wine is powerful with a round tannic structure.
The fruity finale brings elegance.

The Prestige cuvée of the Chateau les Hérits is single grape red wine
Merlot at maturity is expressed by fruit, sweetness and soft tannins.
The elaboration is done by plot selection with maturity control.

Sorting of the mechanical harvest in the vine Malolactic fermentation.
The vines are 15 years old, on a 5 hectare plot, with a yield of 55hl / hectare.

The vines grow over exceptional soils of limestone and clay which bring to the wines their structure and character. The soil ensures a perfect regulation of water each season allowing the wine to express all of its terroir.

Appellation : Blaye – Côtes de Bordeaux

Production area : Bordeaux

Age of vines : 15 years old

Grape Variety : 100% Merlot

Maturation : Staves and Inox vat

Production : 13,000 Bottles

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